Witt Premium Smart
3D massagestol

Voice control

Integrated intelligent voise recognition gives you complete control - hands-free.

Waist twisting function

The left and right air bags massages the waist and relieves tense and inflexible muscles.


Air pressure massage

60 air bags and 2 air compressors gives you a full body massage.

3 memory functions

Witt Premium Smart 3D-massage chair remembers your favorite program and the shape of your body - thereby giving you the option of turning on your favorite massage program as soon as you lie down in the chair.


Automatic intelligent body recognition


The 137 cm long L-shaped curve provides you with the most relaxing massage positions and massages you from the neck to the thighs.The ergonomic design ensures that the spine maintain the correct S-shape, while the incapsulated
massage balls realistically
simulates the hands of a masseuse.

Zero gravity

The massage chair is tipped into position in a 118-degree angle. From this angle the thighs and calves are positioned higher than the heart and the body weight is perfectly
balanced, which gives a feeling of total weightlessness. Pressure on the spinal column is removed – giving you a sense of deep relaxation.

Adjust the massage according to your needs

Different options give you complete control over your massage. You can adjust the speed (1-5) and intensity (1-3) of the massage as well as making adjustments according to the size and shape of the body. The massage chair even remembers your favorite massage program

Intelligent massage, good for your health

  • HEAD The pillow pad can easily be adjusted up and down.
  • ‚ÄčBACK 40°C - 50°C infra-red heat therapy via the carbon fibre heating element. Adjustable hypothermia temperature including three adjustments. 
  • ARMREST Control panel with a short-cut key. Air bags for hand massage equipped with convex partial massage and magnetic therapy.
  • IOIN Four air bags for gentle massage of the waist (two with valves).
  • BACK AND HIP 137cm intelligent massage module.
  • UPPER ARM Four air bags massage the upper arm (one with valve).
  • FOREARM Eight air bags massage the forearm (one with valve).
  • BUTTOCK Four air bags massage the buttocks (two with valves).
  • CALVES Twenty-two air bags massage the calves (four with valves).
  • FEET Two groups of foot rollers massage the toes, arch and heelEighteen air bags massage the feet (four with valves).